Fall retreat

High School Fall Retreat

September 7th - September 9th, 2018


Powerful. State of the art. Unmatched in beauty. Unrivaled in entertainment. Babylon.

It was the largest, most powerful city in the world. Everyone Babylon encountered had to swear allegiance or be destroyed. Even God’s chosen people, the Israelites, were conquered after years of idolatry and disobedience. Those that survived were taken captive and brainwashed, re-educated to think, act, and live like Babylonians. No one resisted the power of Babylon.

…almost no one. The book of Daniel tells us the story of Daniel and his friends as they resisted the power and pull of Babylon. And Babylon isn’t only a place, it is a philosophy, a culture, a way of thinking. Just like Daniel, we are surrounded by a culture that is often at odds with God’s design for us. Staying faithful and true to Christ in the face of cultural and social pressures can seem daunting.

This fall we’ll be exploring how high school students can do just that – remain faithful and share the wonderful news about Jesus instead of being influenced by Babylon. We’ll worship, dive deep into the book of Daniel, and make some meaningful connections with other students that are following Jesus. And we would love for you to join us!

Dates: September 7-9th
Where: Howells Mill Christian Assembly
Cost: $75

Search and seizure

Search and Seizure - Women's Retreat 2018

October 26th - October 28th, 2018


Beechwood Lodge in Nancy, KY.

This is an event for all women ages 18 and up with food, fun, worship and activities

The cost is $80, with a down payment of $40 by Aug 5th and full payment by Sept 23rd. The cost will be less if more people come.

Go to vrbo.com and check out listing 1025020 to see where we're staying.